Below is a list of commonly asked questions. If your question is still not answered please call the office at 519.972.5385 or e-mail at

I have a wedding booked. How long does the application process take?


Please be advised that new affiliate application processing can take 6-8 weeks or more after email verification indicating the receipt of a complete application. This is due to our board’s traveling and schedule demands. Clergy Registration with the government takes an additional 4-6 weeks.

How can I help make my application process go smoothly?


Carefully read the application package and be sure to include all the necessary components simultaneously.


Have your recommending persons notify you when they have sent in your recommendation forms to ensure that the task has been done. You are welcome to call our office to confirm this.


If you receive an email requesting the receipt of any missing components, turn them in promptly


Once you receive an email confirming that your application is complete a director will be attempting to contact you. Return calls as quickly as possible and if a meeting date & time are set, be sure to keep the appointment.


If you have applied for and been accepted for clergy registration you should receive a marriage kit along with your welcome kit. Check it immediately for the clergy registration application form that has been filled out on your behalf. Fill out the highlighted areas and return it to OBFF ASAP so it can be submitted along with necessary paperwork on your behalf.


Due to the many variables of the application process, OBFF cannot guaranty processing by a certain date. It is prudent to have alternative plans in place for your bride and groom in case your clergy registration is not processed in time.


I do not have any formal Bible School training at this time. What does OBFF recommend?

We have some excellent bible schools among our affiliates, but you are free to choose a reputable one on your own. You are also able to do your bible school training online if you wish. Just make sure their teaching lines up with our Statement of Faith. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Dominion Bible Training Centre

(613) 833-1700

Frontline Bible Training Centre

Inste Bible College

Kingdom Bible Training Center

The Daniel Company (Internship)

City Life Church - Church Leadership Resources

What is the definition of a Licensed Minister?


We have worked as an organization to better define the difference between a Licensed and Ordained minister. As you will see on pg. 2 of our newly revised application the pre-requisite to becoming a Licensed Minister essentially its definition as well:

Licensing is issued to a person who is becoming established in full-time ministry.

The applicant must have:


    1. Completed a minimum of two years of recognized Bible School plus
    2. Have started a church or five-fold ministry (life’s calling) or working under another ministry and pastor who recognizes and acknowledges your life’s call as full-time (occupational not necessarily being salaried)


The Pastor I serve under now has filled out my Senior Pastor Recommendation Form, but what happens if the Lord leads me to a different province or something of that nature?


OBFF values the authority of the local church and we want to know that the Senior Pastor who recommends you is in relationship with you. If that relationship is severed and the Senior Pastor can no longer vouch for you, your standing with OBFF could be taken away depending on the circumstances involved. Many OBFF ministers leave their parent church and start a new work with their sponsor pastor’s blessing. What we don’t want to see is church splits and other signs of doctrinal error. We recommend that you sit down with your senior pastor to ensure that they understand your future plans and are willing to stay in relationship with you should your ministry prevent you from continuing under their direct leadership.


If someone applied for Ordained Minister and the application was not accepted at the current time does the director reviewing it give the reasons why?


Yes. Occasionally an applicant does not qualify for Ordination and even more rarely, membership at any level. Applicants are given reasons for this decision and if it is correctable they encouraged to come back after a year to review their progress.


Do the directors sometimes recommend beginning with Licensed Minister status instead of the requested Ordination status?


Yes. Sometimes our directors perceive that it would be better to assign Christian Minister or Licensed Minister status until certain concerns are addressed or growth is achieved. This is always done with encouragement to come back after a year to review progress.


If I am approved for Christian Minister or Licensed Minister and told to come back after a year to have my status reviewed, will I be charged another fee?


No. The application fee is a one-time fee. Once someone is a current member of OBFF they can have their status reviewed by the directors without any further fees. The only exception to this is the Ordination and/or Marriage Permission Fees & difference in annual dues that may come into play if a reclassification of status is approved.


What do I need to do to initiate the review of my status with a director after the one-year period?


To have your status reviewed, please do the following:

Email the OBFF office with a brief paragraph explaining why a change of status is justified.

Provide a new Senior Pastor/Ministerial Recommendation Form indicating pastoral support for the change of status.


When you apply it would appear that you need to send in the entire fee(s). If you are not approved for the Ordained Minister status, are you reimbursed for the Ordination and Marriage Permission licences?


Yes, only the application fee is non-refundable. That is why we request that the various fees be rendered on separate cheques. The application fee is cashed immediately. The other fees are cashed only upon acceptance. If not accepted, they are mailed back.


The last sheet had several things on it starting with stating Death and Dismemberment policy etc. I am not sure what the rest of the list means after mention the optional dental, medical and life insurance benefits.


Practical mentoring and accountability-OBFF provides opportunities for mentoring by our directors & accountability for one’s ministerial actions.

Leadership Conferences-OBFF provides an annual conference every year as an opportunity for our affiliates to gather, be ministered to, and to fellowship with each other.

Regional Leadership Growth Sessions-OBFF provides ½ day conferences in various regions as yet another opportunity for our affiliates to gather, be ministered to, and to fellowship with each other. This is also a great opportunity to get to know the various area directors better.

Mentoring Materials-On occasion OBFF is blessed with materials that we pass on to our ministers. We are also working on developing our website better to provide resources for our ministers to use.

Opportunities for local, national and international ministry-Occasionally OBFF is provided with job/ministry opportunities which we post on the website for our ministers to review.


Does Ordination and the Clergy Registration apply to Ontario only or it is Canada wide?


Ordination is world-wide but there is no guarantee that everyone will acknowledge it. Many organizations have their own “recognizing body”. OBFF is fine with our ministers having more than one affiliation so long as the beliefs line up with our statement of faith. 

Clergy Registration is always only for the province that the clergy resides in. We currently have the ability to grant clergy registration in the following provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon. Temporary clergy registration can be granted in any of these provinces should a special situation occur. 8 weeks’ notice would be needed to do this.