Your job on earth might soon be accomplished: You arrive in heaven where a crown of righteousness awaits you because you are a child of God. But will you be commended in heaven for your faith on Earth?

Focusing on the account of the Canaanite woman found in Matthew 15:21-28, Pastor Rick Ciaramitaro explores five major ways a believer’s faith is tested and grows. Pastor Ciaramitaro also provides concise and biblical sound responses to some of our most troubling questions, “Where is God now?” “Why is this happening to me?” and “Will I be able to overcome?” Great simplicity is achieved by appealing to the basic premise that God uses adverse circumstances to test and develop our faith.

Will your faith pass the test of trouble, divine delays and the silent treatment? Will you escape or endure the jeers of dispassionate brethren and the rebuke of heaven? Will you pass the humility test? Before you can move onto great faith, all five tests must be encountered and passed.


Moving on to Great Faith

In these last days the church is going to learn what it truly means to live by faith. To my amazement today I am greatly surprised how little emphasis many good men and woman of God put on the subject of faith. Hebrews 11-6 tells us without faith, apart from faith, separate from faith (my notes) it’s impossible to please Him. Look for just a moment at each of these statements on the subject of faith and let them transform your thinking, believing and actions today.

Faith is not a concept, experience, movement, or a cause. Our faith is in the person of Christ. It’s our trust confidence. Assurance that he is who He said He was and what He said He meant.


Faith is what gets our prayers answered.

We resist the enemy by faith

Faith is a weapon, holding up the shield of faith.

We overcome the world by faith.

We receive forgiveness of sin by faith.

We are made righteous by faith.

Freedom from spiritual death by sin.

We purify our hearts by faith.

We have access to the throne of grace by faith.

We have peace with God through faith.

We are adopted as His children through faith and have an inheritance by faith.

Satan hates our faith in God.

We can live the overcoming, victorious life, and succeed through faith.

So faith is most important to you and me as believers.


I wrote my first book many years ago on the five test of faith called "Moving on to Great Faith". Since then it’s in its third printing and still helping people just like you and I to overcome the test of faith and end up with what the scripture says is "Great Faith". Watch the trailer and if you’re interested call Lauren Dobsky at 519-972-5986 x 228 today and order some for your church. I am planning to do a series of videos on the book and put them into a series for small group leaders as I did secret of Kingdom life on the subject of gratitude. May each one of us in OBFF rise up in our day and hour and be champions of faith, may we move the obstacles, hindrances, and enemy’s mindsets by faith in God.

Love and appreciate each one of you,



If you would like to purchase a copy of Pastor Rick's book please call Lauren Dobsky @ 519.972.5987 Ext: 238 or E-Mail: Individual and volume pricing available. All proceeds of this book go to Windsor Life Centre.